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To invigorate the minds of conservatives and libertarians. To promote the ideals of free markets, liberty, civility, self-discipline, morality, and a peaceful American presence in the world. To inspire timid hearts and minds to fiercely defend individual freedoms.

The Vision

The Coolidge Project is a grass-roots movement which seeks to develop, among conservative and libertarian Republicans, an ethos of intellectual discipline. It seeks to curb grandstanding, celebrity, and sophistry which are too common the inclinations of pollical leaders. The project does not seek to cause fissures between conservatives and libertarians, but rather it seeks to bridge the gap by creating unity without uniformity.

The ferocious appetites of the powerful will always trend toward centralization of authority at the expensive of individual liberty. This is simply the nature which exists in all of us. Since no man can withstand the privileges of power, it is solely in ideologies where we can seek our refuge from the onslaught of authoritarianism. But while Republicans bicker over the politics of the man, the heart of the ideology becomes warped, deranged, and conveniently forgotten.

It is with this in mind that The Coolidge Project seeks to unify Republicans behind the principles and ideals which have made our movement worthwhile. Without a unified belief that individual liberty is the public good, we are lost.



Jacob Crouch

Jacob Crouch is an Economics teacher and has been a Republican for most of his life. He received his Bachelor's of Arts in Philosophy with a minor in History from Florida Southern College as well as his Master's in Education from the same institution.

He has a passion for economics education, but strives to never allow his personal viewpoints to spoil the free exchange of ideals within his classroom. His goal each year is to have his students confused as to what he actually believes. Only when students have free access to ideas, will they have the ability to shape their own worldviews.

Jacob, like many other millennials, has never identified strongly with a party. His primary reason for registering as a Republican is solely due to Florida being a closed-primary state. Since he is engaged in the party, he feels it is his duty to help mold the party into what it should be: an institution which strives to increase individual liberty while promoting the ideals of self-discipline.

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